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Bon Iver announce new album ‘i,i,’ share two new songs



After about a month of teasing and hinting, Bon Iver have now officially announced a new album. It’s called i,i and is slated for release on August 30 via Jagjaguwar. The news comes a little over a week after the project, spearheaded by Justin Vernon, shared a bizarre teaser trailer. In it, it was suggested that each previous Bon Iver album corresponds to a season, with i,i completing the theme as it ties to the autumn season.

And although we may not have a clear understanding just yet on what awaits us on i,i, it’s safe to say it sounds like the true culmination of all the material that’s preceded it. But it also seems to appear closely linked to 2016’s 22, A Million. That album saw Vernon constructing glitchy, surrealist electronic music amidst the band’s more heavenly detailed soundscapes. On a cursory glance, i,i seems to share 22’s aesthetic. The cover art, symbology, and weird track titles remain intact. Oh, also the singles so far sound like extensions of the ideas being played around with on that last album.

Speaking of, Bon Iver have sweetened the announcement with two more singles from the project. We heard the first two singles last month, and today we’ve got two more with “Faith” and “Jelmore.” Just like the previous ones, this pair of songs represents two distinct sides to the new Bon Iver. “Faith” features the band’s richly composed sound of layers of gorgeous instrumentation, while “Jelmore” is one of Vernon’s playful and strange electronic-heavy experiments. Both offer what many loved (and disliked) about 22, A Million. And yet they also sound like completely unique songs on their own.

Give a listen to both songs down below. And just beyond that, take a look at the album art and tracklist for i,i.

01 Yi
02 iMi
03 We
04 Holyfields,
05 Hey, M
06 U (Man Like)
07 Naeem
08 Jelmore
09 Faith
10 Marion
11 Salem
12 Sh’Diah
13 RABi

Pre-order i,i right here.


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