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Bon Iver share strange teaser trailer for upcoming album



Almost a month ago now, Bon Iver made a triumphant return to our lives with two new songs. Although the tracks hinted at a new album on the horizon, no concrete details were shared. The constant daily music news coming in makes it easy to forget about things. But today, Bon Iver are back once again to remind you that something is indeed coming. This time, though, there are no new songs, just a very weird teaser trailer.

The trailer itself is titled Sincerity Is Forever In Season, and although there are promises that something is coming soon, there are still no real details to latch onto. Instead, we get shots of nature accompanied by a song from each Bon Iver record and s voice over explaining how each album has thus far corresponded to a season. For Emma, Forever Ago is obviously winter, the self titled record is spring, and 2016’s 22, A Million is said to be summer. Then, we get a snippet of the recent single “Hey Ma” with a voiceover hinting that “it might be autumn.” So, as many expected, we’re likely to see the new LP releasing some time this fall.

But while we may still have a bit to wait on the official album announcement, we can now rest easy. Recently, Justin Vernon shared that the new album had been finished mixing, so it’s gotta be hitting us any day now (perhaps we’ll get the announcement later this week?). In the meantime, check out the album teaser trailer below.


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