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Bury Tomorrow announce new album ‘Cannibal’



Bury Tomorrow have announced their new album Cannibal. The album, which will be the band’s sixth, will be released April 3rd via Music For Nations/Sony Nation.

Cannibal will find vocalist Dani Winter Bates diving deep into his experiences with mental health.

“This album is for me as well as for the fans,” Bates said. “It was a cathartic process to address some of the darkest moments I’ve had in my life. For some people, it’ll be a hard listen. But I thought I have to do this. If I’m going to go in, I’m going to go in. I’m not doing something half-arsed. There is nothing lyrically I would change on this entire album.”

“I wanted to live by my words,” he continued. “I talk to people about normalizing mental health so how can I write an album where I’m not talking about mental health? The normalization of mental health is what saves lives. I want people to see the light in the dark. If they delve into that they can find solace in the discussion, the normalization, the positive action by discussing this.”

So what’s the meaning behind the album’s title? Bates revealed that too.

“The term ‘cannibal’ refers to being eaten away by your own thoughts but also eaten away by other humans. We’re not kind to ourselves, let alone kind to each other.”

Cannibal Track List

bury tomorrow cannibal

‘The Grey (VIXI)”
“Better Below”
“The Agonist”
“Gods & Machines”
“Voice & Truth”
“Cold Sleep”
“Dark Infinite”

The band also released the title track along with its music video.

Check it out:

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