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DANA Set to Drop “Glowing Auras & Black Money LP”



Out of late nights, bright lights and personal plights, DANA emerges with their latest LP Glowing Auras & Black Money. And, centuries from now, archaeologists and anthropologists will inevitably hail this release as irrefutable evidence of an unsustainable reality of a collapsed civilization.

Upon digestion, Glowing Auras & Black Money becomes a vehicle to infect you, me, them – ESPECIALLY THEM – with that distinctive weirdo DNA common in Midwest goons, freaks, screwballs and artsy fartsies (think Boss Hog, Brainiac, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and you are in the ballpark).

The LP is DANA’s second release on Heel Turn Records and hits the streets via LP and digital download on September 27.

The band have released videos for two songs from the LP, “Pork Pie” and “El Sicko”, via Ghettoblaster Magazine and CVLT Nation.

Additional factiods:

* All the members of DANA are mammals, to include: Madeline (vocals, theramin), Chris (guitar, noise, vocals), Dan (bass), Brian (drums)

* Previous warning signs and broken seals come in the form of their  Past ReleasesChaos Promo EP (Cass) (2018, self-release), S /T LP (2017, Heel Turn), Live at Blackoutfest XXI (2017, self-release/digital only ) , The Glastonbury Grove EP – V/A comp (2016, What’s For Breakfast Records)

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