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Darkest Hour release “Hockey Scars and Thrash Guitars” collab with PUCK HCKY



Darkest Hour have joined PUCK HCKY’s custom sportswear roster! Check out the merch for the the metal band’s collab below.

darkest hour puck hcky

darkest hour puck hcky

darkest hour puck hcky

PUCK HCKY‘s CEO Matt Marini said, Our collaboration with Darkest Hour is a natural fit. From the first time I spoke with Mike from Darkest Hour, I got a great sense of not only how passionate the guys are about their hometown favorites the Caps, but for hockey in general. The collaboration between Darkest Hour and PUCK HCKY really cuts to the core element of our brand. I feel this is one of our strongest collections to date!”

Darkest Hour guitarist Mike Schleibaum added, “As lifelong hockey fans, we couldn’t be more excited to share this PUCK HCKY collaboration with the world. The attention to detail and quality of each item is something that we are very proud of. We have chosen to celebrate some of our favorite NHL teams including our personal home town favorites, the Washington Capitals. If you’re a hockey lover who lives a life dedicated to metal riffing, this is for you.

Schleibaum continued, “As a kid (before I discovered guitar), I spent every hour I could hanging around ice rinks. I spent so much time in ice rinks that they became a place where I would discover all sorts of new music, especially metal. These memories serve as a perfect catalyst for our collaboration with the Washington Capitals and now PUCK HCKY! Hockey is in our blood, it’s in the bands DNA, how we discovered our sound in a lot of ways. What better way to celebrate that idea then some killer Darkest Hour-themed hockey apparel!? Get these high quality limited items while you can and thanks again to the good people at PUCK HCKY who we could not have done this without!”

Get the collection here.

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