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Deep Sea Diver announce “pay it forward” option for upcoming album ‘Impossible Weight’



Seattle-based indie outfit, Deep Sea Diver, have been active on social media in the months since lockdown put virtually the entire music industry on hold. Musicians have been crafty in their endeavors to keep their creativity alive in quarantine and Deep Sea Diver is no exception. Their weekly instagram live videos gave way to a series of collaboration projects with fans dubbed the “Stay Home Stem” series. This week they announced the arrival of their third full-length album, Impossible Weight, out October 16th. Their album preorder options even include a “pay it forward vinyl”, which allows fans to cover the cost of a record for a listener who can’t afford it. “We understand fully that we are releasing an album at a time when a lot of people are experiencing economic hardship,” Deep Sea Diver shared. “We never want money to be an obstacle for someone not being able to enjoy what we do.” 

Listen to the record’s first single, “Lights Out”:

Impossible Weight Artwork and Tracklist:

1. Shattering the Hourglass
2. Lights Out
3. Wishing
4. Impossible Weight
5. Switchblade
6. Hurricane
7. Eyes Are Red (Don’t Be Afraid)
8. People Come, People Go
9. Lighting Bolts
10. Run Away With Me

Preorder the album here.

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