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Electronic duo Blaqk Audio exude ’80s dark trance style in Beneath the Black Palms – Side A



Blaqk Audio — the electronic duo featuring AFI icons Davey Havok and Jade Puget — have announced their new album Beneath The Black Palms. The album is being released via BlaqkNoise in two parts. Beneath The Black Palms — Side A arrives today, July 28, and features five songs.

Surrounded in ’80s neon wave visuals and fast synth seductions, Blaqk Audio is exploring a sound different than their regularly programmed deep melodies. “‘Hiss’ is a lovely slice of noisy darkness,” says Puget. “Listen closely and you can hear the susurration of the palms.” Purchase and stream Beneath the Black Palms here.



Beneath the Black Palms is an affirmation, exaltation, and momentary illumination of rich, arcane shadows fortified by blinding and rapturous light,” Havok says. “Musically a bird sister of Only Things We Love, our latest record more deeply traverses our EBM and futrurepop roots while also extending into moods unheard from us before. I am deeply excited to have the opportunity to share it with all.”


Beneath The Black Palms is the follow up to 2019’s ONLY THINGS WE LOVE. Blaqk Audio previously released my personal favorite Cexcells (2007), Bright Black Heaven (2012), and Material (2016). Each release has hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Albums chart. Beneath The Black Palms is DNA-distinct and fuses industrial with ’90s-era electro flourishes and decidedly ’80s synths. The end result is a modern musical thrill ride. It’s dark, dreamy, and dramatic — all at once.




“Zipper Don’t Work”*
“A Distant Light”*
“Burnt Babies Fear the Fire”
“Fish Bite”
“Bird Sister”
“I’m Coming Over”
“Tired Eyes”
“It’s Not Going Well”
*Included on Beneath the Black Palms – Side A



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