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Fresh new pop track “Hide” from LA sister duo MUJYBELA



MUJYBELA [moo-gee-bell-ah] is a pop duo from Los Angeles California made up of sisters, Jewel and Blaire Restaneo. They’re here to brighten up your day with latest track “Hide”.

The MUJYBELA sisters started out their musical journey at a young age in New York on Broadway in Annie, Annie Get Your Gun, and A Christmas Carol. In 2009, they formed the electronic pop punk band, Pixikill. They began writing songs and working with an array of producers. After receiving acclaim for their first EP, The Luring, they were featured in J-14 and Teen Vogue. Aside from their musical talents, they’ve proven to be talented directors and producers as well, having directed, produced and edited all of their music videos, as well as music videos for other artists. MUJYBELA is Jewel and Blaire’s latest music endeavor.

“Oh the emotional rollercoaster of having a crush! It’s awkward, it’s deep; you’re happy, you’re sad! MUJYBELA explores this with the bright, self-produced, electro pop track “Hide Me” – filled with a very catchy chorus, fun synth lines and vocal chops.”



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