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Glass Animals, It's All So Incredibly Loud Glass Animals, It's All So Incredibly Loud

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Glass Animals pre-releases “It’s All So Incredibly Loud”



Featured image by Ollie Trenchard.

A week before the release of Dreamland, set for August 7, Glass Animals have released the track “It’s All So Incredibly Loud.”

The track comes with a music video, concurrently released. Unlike the first two music videos from Dreamland, the titular “Dreamland” and “Heat Waves,” the music video for “It’s All So Incredibly Loud” is untinged with memories and home-video elements due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In it, Dave Bayley leaps into a swimming pool–but he is only shown hitting the water at the end. On Twitter, Bayley states, “the entire song is about three seconds of time. the time between you saying something devastating and then seeing the reaction. it’s deafening.”

Check it out:

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