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Interview: BHuman on the making of their debut EP



Billie Lloyd and Harrison Scott may live on different continents, but that didn’t stop the two from making music together. After meeting on New York City songwriters scene, Lloyd (who lives in London) and Scott (who lives in NYC) came together to form BHuman. The project pulls from Lloyd’s experiences as a transgender woman and Scott’s experiences as a gay man, but as Lloyd explains, “Even if you’ve never transitioned or questioned your gender before, you can still understand the themes of what I’m going through or what Harrison is going through.” Since coming together, the duo has been recognized by Billboard, NewNowNext and Pride. With the release of their self-titled debut EP at the end of March, BHuman are just getting started.

We talked with them about the process of making their EP and what lies on the horizon for this power duo.

bhuman interview 2019

1) Let’s start at the beginning: What made you two want to start creating music together?

We started off as fans of each other’s solo projects and quickly became close friends. We started making music together just for fun and soon realized that we had a compelling project on our hands.

2) What inspired the name BHuman?

We wanted something that spoke to our values and I think the phrase “be human” really reflects that. It feels like in this digital age our humanity has been lost and we think “be human” is an important mantra to have. There’s also a nice synergy with the “B” and “H” and “Billie” and “Harrison”.

3) Who do you consider your musical influences?

We’re huge fans of pop music (Britney, Kim Petras, Carly Rae Jepsen, Tove Styrke, Robyn) and more electronic artists too (Arca, Bjork, Charli XCX, Tennyson).

4) You just released your debut EP, BHuman. What was the process of creating the album like?

We wrote the first half of the EP while Billie was living in NYC, which was really great because we could work on tracks together in person. The second half of it was written after Billie moved to London and so we had to adapt quite quickly to writing and working on tracks remotely. Luckily by that point we’d found our groove with writing and what each of us does best, so it wasn’t too bad; Harrison is quite a prolific producer and Billie was sitting on a bunch of songs she’d written on piano, so we started with a lot of beats and songs and slowly whittled it down to the best tracks and distilled our ‘sound’.

5) Which song came together from inception to completion? Which took the longest?

‘NRG’ came together super quickly, it came out of Harrison’s mind pretty much full-formed and ready to go. ‘I Would’ was written as a piano-only song for about a year and Billie couldn’t figure out what on earth to do with it until Harrison took it and immediately knew how to produce it (which is one of our strengths as a duo; if one of us is stuck the other usually knows immediately how to fix it).

‘Goodbye’ was one of the first songs we wrote together and we worked on the production for it for about a year while our sound evolved. We actually recorded the final vocals for it the week before the video shoot because we still weren’t happy with them!

6) Do you have a song off the EP you were most excited for people to hear?

I think all of them, to be honest. We love all the tracks equally, for different reasons and I don’t think either of us have made a body of work we are so psyched about from start to finish.

7) The original version of “2different” had a dance vibe to it compared to the acoustic version we hear on BHuman. What made you want to strip the track down for the EP?

It was something that Billie was just playing around with on the piano and it just worked super well. We weren’t originally going to include it on the EP and just release it as a video, but the EP needed a more relaxed track for balance so it just worked really well. It was fun to play with more ‘traditional’ sounds and let the writing shine through.

8) What’s next for BHuman?

We’re already working on EP #2! We’re sitting on so many tracks we love, and we’re just keen to get them out there. We’ve got a few acoustic live sessions coming, our first shows, more music videos and then the EP. It’s all go!

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