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Interview: Pop-punk Keep True on debut EP ‘Digging Up Bones’



Featuring dynamic singles “Deal With It” and “Living”, Kansas pop-punk band Keep True dropped their debut EP Digging Up Bones on November 16th.

The name for the EP derives from digging up old emotions that you wish would stay buried, but somehow keep working themselves up above ground again. The band note, “Digging Up Bones is our attempt at trying to bring back the classic sound of pop-punk that forged the genre 30 years ago. It’s about heartbreak, holding grudges, letting go of them, and growing up.”

Keep True sounds like a modern version of “stay gold, ponyboy” – can you talk a little bit about where the name comes from?
Honestly, it felt like it took FOREVER to come up with a band name. We tried to force it for so long and nothing we could come up with really fit well. Then one night Taylor and I (Rick) were just laying in bed watching ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and there’s an episode where one of Leonard’s friends is trying to guide him through his apartment and he tells him to “Keep true” and when he said that Taylor and I just looked at each other and knew that was it.
The upcoming EP Digging Up Bones is about resurfacing emotions and experiences. What’s one experience that you feel changed the course of your life?
Rick – Honestly meeting Taylor has caused the biggest changes in my life. Without her this band would have never happened, I probably wouldn’t be married or own a house, and I may have not joined the band previous to this that allowed me to travel all over the world.
Taylor – My two dogs mean the world to me, when I got them they changed my whole world. Everything I do is for them.
Jake – Being a dad for sure, it changes everything. Without my family who knows where I’d be.
Tell us some of your favorite places to play in Kansas City, and your favorite local bands to play alongside.
As a band we have only actually played one show, and it was at Davey’s Uptown in Kansas City and it was great! We booked the show ourselves and the Venue was super nice and helpful, everything ran smoothly and the sound was great! We are excited for our upcoming EP release show at The Aftershock as well though because it is one of the few places left in Kansas City that does All-Ages shows! As far as bands go we had Conman Economy on our first show and they were awesome! They’re such nice dudes and they have a very solid, energetic set! And for our EP release show we are actually sharing it with another KC Pop Punk band called Famous For A Day. We have seen them perform before and have gotten to know them and they are also very genuine and nice guys that play great music!
Old school pop punk vibes are one of the stand-out aspects of Keep True. What are some pop punk bands you guys take inspiration from?
The biggest influence is definitely the late 90’s Green Day and Blink-182 records, as well as some of the earlier Sum 41 and NFG tracks. It’s the stuff we grew up on and have always loved.
What are a few goals for Keep True in 2019?
As far as the next year for this band, we’re really just waiting to see how this first release does. The reception has been absolutely amazing so far and we hope to be able to do big things in the future!


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