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Khemist’s prolific poetry EP, Khemtrails, comes out on Juneteenth



Juneteenth is a historical day that commemorates African American freedom. It addresses how society can support the Black community by developing enduring progress. Tomorrow, on June 19th, expect to see driving conversations towards the future of Black opportunity. One of these forces will be told through the medium of music.

Philadelphia lyricist and musician, Khemist, is set to release his prolific EP, Khemtrails, produced by Anwar M. Marshall, and distributed by Black Baby Digital. He considers this project to be the most honest and intentional collection of sounds he’s put together so far. Recently, he took to his Instagram to give further detail on the significance of the Juneteenth launch date. He credits the EP in being the “soundtrack for this day, these times, and our people”.

From the 1865 National Archives marking “Juneteenth”.

Khemist brings forward an authentic presence similar to the pronounced expressions of one of his influences, Toni Morrison. By blending his knack for various creative mediums together, i.e., poetry, MC-ing, music, he brings a new form of craftsmanship into being. His story is more deep-seated than your typical rap flow, and the music itself swings on the pendulum between hip-hop and soul. With all that said, I expect Khemist to break the internet real soon.

He describes his passion for the process in saying “The art of writing has gotten me through the toughest times. […] There’s a power in documenting your thoughts, ideas, and observations. A power that I know I deserve. A power that I know we deserve.”

One of Khemist’s popular singles is “Resignation” which came out in February. In this song, he uses a simple three-chord loop (i – VI6 – VI) reminiscent of the melancholy of Radiohead’s music. Alternating from minor to major like that creates an emotional back and forth, and so the progression really pulls you into his words.

You can experience his rhythmic writing and how he was “put together different” here:

Make sure to check out his EP, Khemtrails, tomorrow, and follow Khemist on his socials:

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Irene recently graduated with a B.A. in English and a minor in Music Industry from UCLA. During her time as an undergrad, she was an editor of the Westwind Journal, a member of HOOLIGAN Theatre Company, and a featured pianist at the UCLA Luskin Conference Center. She also received a top prize for her research on “Armenian Language Pedagogies Through the Arts” in the 2019 Undergraduate Colloquium in Armenian Studies. She aims to attend graduate school in the near future to continue her pursuit of writing and music. You can follow her journey on Instagram @theonewhereireneisfine

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