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No Genres, Just Nü Releases: The Damned, Harloe, No Win and more



Each week Nü Sound delivers 10 great new releases in a neat little package from ANY and ALL genres in order to force readers outside their comfort zones, leaving judgments at bay until hearing each song for themself. In these posts, we purposely won’t be including the genre of the artists so you can’t pick and choose. Practice having an open mind and ditch your normal music taste for Nü Sound’s No Genres. Tell us what you liked and what surprised you in the comments!




Avant-garde in black and white, KRISTEENYOUNG’s latest video “Less Than” seeps with exciting yet creepy melodies as she pulls viewers into an alluring piano love affair.  “‘<‘” is about how certain people prefer the status quo, and how they view people as “lesser” and not equal to themselves: “This isn’t only a rich, ruling class situation,” she explains. “I used to experience it as kid in my working class neighborhood and from my foster parents. They don’t want you to be different from them and certainly not (what they see as) rising above.”

2. NO WIN – “Blood On Your Tooth”

Blood On Your Tooth from NO WIN was released on all DSPs via Dangerbird Records, the first single after the release of their LP downey. NO WIN is currently on their 2019 fall tour across the U.S. The band will be touring behind their recently released LP, downey. 2019 has seen multiple tours from the band, one supporting Swervedriver/Failure and another with Late Bloomer. Danny Nogueiras had one simple motivation for the LP – honesty. This is evident from the very first notes, but with each listen the songs digs deeper and deeper, attaching themselves to the listener’s own emotions and experiences until its songs become shared memories.


3. HARLOE – “Rivers Run Dry” (acoustic)

Solo artist and Grammy-nominated producer/songwriter HARLOE has released an acoustic
version of her newest single, “Rivers Run Dry.” Taken from the original version, which is uplifted
by late-night nineties soundscapes and pensive sounds, the acoustic rework of “Rivers Run
Dry” is stripped to the bare essentials, showcasing HARLOE’s poignant vocals and bringing her
lyrics to the forefront. HARLOE shares, “I wanted to showcase ‘Rivers Run Dry’ in its most raw form, the way it was first written. Thrown in with some behind the scenes of a recent photoshoot, a lot of moss, and bird friends as an obvious choice.”


4. Bare Bones – “Gold Leaf”

Sydney band Bare Bones are back with their insanely solid third single “Gold Leaf” off upcoming album Rival Minds, out Friday, November 1 through Resist Records. The Sydneysiders will also be jumping on tour with support from friends in Fangz to launch their album in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne late November/December! Vocalist Thomas Kennedy says “Gold Leaf is about fake people, fake friends, false idols, feeling alienated, and like you can’t relate to the people around you.”



5. Best Ex – “Bad Love”

“Bad Love” is the first single to follow-up Best Ex’s debut EP ICE CREAM ANTI-SOCIAL (2017) which saw Mariel diving even deeper into herself, a move that may surprise some old fans of her former band Candy Hearts. The track is a melancholic, dark song that revels in minor keys while her clear and emotive vocals tell the universal story of poor decisions turning into bad love. “Honestly, my entire life, I’ve wondered who the heck is the type of person that drinks cocktails at hotels in Manhattan. Yet, I somehow found myself there, stirring the ice in my $20 cocktail and thinking about why I’m always following the type of love that I know is going to hurt me,” she admits introspectively.


6. Haunt the Woods – “Fly” (Live at Middle Farm Studios)

Cornish four-piece Haunt The Woods have shared the beautiful video of their new track, “Fly” ahead of their headline show at London’s The Islington on November 27th. Leaving behind their usual immersive soundscapes and featuring only a piano and singer Jonathan Stafford’s solo vocals, the track is stunningly minimal; accentuating its subtle power and emphasizing its touching lyrical sentiment to convey a cathartic outpouring of emotion. The track is accompanied by a beautiful black and white video, reflecting its simplistic and stripped-back artistry. Tickets for their headline show at The Islington on the 27th November are available here.


7. MAMMOTH MAMMOTH – “Tear It Down”

November 8th will see Australia’s finest, high-energy MAMMOTH MAMMOTH, return with their fifth studio album, titled Kreuzung, including the recent single “Tear It Down”. “Lyrically, the song is about how difficult life can get for many people who suffer from mental health issues. These dark times can push you into having suicidal thoughts or putting up defensive walls to try survive, but if you’re fortunate to have someone who loves you unconditionally, then they can help tear that wall down, enabling you to see that life is worth living.“


8. The Damned – “Black Is The Night”
One of Britian’s greatest surviving bands The Damned are set to release their most comprehensive collection of songs yet, with a new greatest hits collection Black is the Night, tracks specifically chosen by the band themselves. Around since before other UK bands of similar genre paraded around America, The Damned have seen hard-earned success, like their 2018 album Evil Spirits making it’s way as a Top 10 UK Album. Black Is The Night includes a brand new single as the title track with it’s gothic artwork by Phil Smee.



9. NICOLAAS – “Shot in the Dark”
Canadian music producer NICOLAAS released his new single “Shot In the Dark” yesterday featuring vocals from Nick Allbrook (frontman for Pond; former member of Tame Impala) “‘Shot In The Dark’ is a colorful mix,” shares NICOLAAS aka Rob Bakker. “I knew I needed a bold and stylish vocal performance. Lucky for me, Nick was feeling the demo, and he really ran with it! I’ve been a huge fan of his for years, so being able to collaborate on this track has been an absolute treat. The louder you play this, the better.”


10. Jasmine Cain – “Let It Go”

No, this isn’t a Frozen cover but it’s a single powerful enough to freeze listeners on a dime. Jasmine Cain’s 7th studio album due in November includes “Let It Go” and provides stadium-quality high energy, keeping the audience’s attention from the first note until the last. Her songs are emotional with a strength breaking any chains that might be placed around her while taking audiences on a supercharged ride. “‘Let it Go’ is everything passion is meant to be. Feel the desire, anger, and frustration in every raspy note.”