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Premiere: K-Bust Single “Shoot”




A woman of many skills from Montreal, K-Bust is currently working on the release of her second studio album titled Fearless, which has been produced entirely by Albert Chambers, a Juno award nominated music producer. Fluent in three languages and originally from Chile, K-Bust has left none of her rising career to luck, instead taking it by the reins herself. A self-taught musician and strong feminist, she pulls in influence from pop sensations Madonna and David Bowie to create a unique, urban electro sound. The new single, which is a mid tempo song compared to the previous releases; introduces a more ethnic and joyful textures, sonically speaking, to the overall album esthetic.


K-Bust on Shoot:

Its lyrics are all about honesty between two people, to the point when it could be hurtful. It’s also about putting the strength of a relationship to the test; telling our truths, being brutally honest about how we feel about each other, so that if the relationship is strong and meaningful enough, it’s meant to be.


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