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PREMIERE: Indie electro artist Marcelyn new single “The Bear is Sticky With Honey” (feat. Sileas Ervin)



Though they’d played music together for years, “The Bear is Sticky with Honey” was the first song siblings Marcelyn and Mike actually wrote together. It started as a scratchy recording of a simple bass melody that Marcelyn and Mike passed back and forth via email, adding new parts to the recording until it was done. Marcelyn submitted an earlier version of the song as her final project for her audio production class in college (she got an A).

The lyrics are about a young man pacing around his apartment and contemplating suicide, but the video takes a much lighter approach. It depicts a honey bear with Marcelyn’s mouth and eyes lip-syncing the song, though things get a lot weirder throughout the video as the art progresses into an emotional mix.


“We wrote this song when I was in my final semester of college. We were a three hour drive apart, so we passed the song back and forth over Dropbox. We’re both terrible at naming things (Mike’s cat is named Catcat), but especially songs. So we decided to make a master list of references we liked to choose from as song names. Most of them are from Adventure Time, but this one is from Silicon Valley on HBO. We chose it because I say “honey” a lot in the song. That’s it, that’s the mystery.” – Marcelyn

“The Bear is Sticky With Honey” is the first single off Marcelyn’s upcoming full-length album, out this fall, which displays something both fragile and deadly with a heavy helping of originality. Since age 9 Marcelyn has been training her vocal technique, displayed in her music. Her smooth, honey-like vocals combined with her brother Mike’s audacious bass playing and production skills make tough-to-swallow topics go down like a refreshing glass of water.
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