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Premiere: Portes’ me-too anthem “Sister”



Denver-based singer-songwriter PORTES is unafraid to face controversial topics, ringing loud and clear in her latest Nine Inch Nails-inspired track “Sister”. Over the past year, the entertainment realm has exploded with stories of assault and their cover-ups and many entertainers chose to use their platform to support the victims. PORTES not only stands for other victims but bravely shares stories of her own assaults.

“Sister” has a steady, repetitive rhythm, indicative of the reoccurring nightmare that is our current political situation in America with a beautiful twist of rebellion mixed into the chorus.

“Rise up with me, and fight with me sister/we’re not alone, we’re our hope sister”

Her new record, National Anthems drops on President’s Day (February 17th) and is a political, protest album. It’s a pointed album bringing awareness to the misdeeds and mistrust of the Trump administration.


Sister recalls an incident that happened to me in 2003. I had been working as model scout for a modeling agency in Denver and was scouting at a club in Denver. I took a break and was dancing on the floor when I was approached by a guy who wanted to dance with me. At first, everything was fine. We were dancing face-to-face. Then, he went behind me and started dancing behind me. All of a sudden, he bit me on my bottom.

I quickly spun around and threw a right hook but missed because he was still swaying and dancing to the music. But, I got him the second time. I looked around for a police officer, but I couldn’t spot one. Finally, I located a bouncer and had him thrown out of the club. When I got home, I told my mom what happened. He bit me so hard through my jeans, that he left teeth marks and a bruise.” – PORTES