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Premiere: Record Club’s fresh dance-pop single “Back To You”



Electronic music duo Record Club is comprised of two brothers from completely different sides of the music industry – Dan, a former Jazz drummer and hip hop aficionado and Alex, a DJ and music attorney. With influences drawn from the likes of Calvin Harris, Saint Germain, MK, and Laidback Luke; their new summer jam “Back To You” is proof positive that this unlikely duo has created a fresh sound that will appeal equally to fans of house music, EDM and dance-pop.

Read below for an exclusive interview and enjoy the premiere of “Back To You”!

Tell us about the moment you first decided to form Record Club. Was there an initial spark or “eureka” moment where you decided this was a project you guys wanted to do together? 

We would say that we’ve had the idea of producing music together for a long time, but only recently did it all come together. Once I graduated law school and moved out to Los Angeles to work in music, I knew that the time was right for Dan to come join me so we could focus on Record Club.

Who were some of your favorite music producers when you first started making music? What about now? Who do you feel heavily influenced by?

Alex: So what’s unique us is the fact that we have very different tastes when it comes to music. One of my favorite producers to this day is Laidback Luke. I started listening to EDM about ten years ago and I haven’t ever since. He was one of the first DJs I consistently listened to and I always admired how technical he is from both a production and DJing standpoint. A lot of what I try to incorporate into our music stems from what I’ve learned by watching and listening to him over the years.

Dan: Growing up, I listened to a lot of Pharrell, and I really liked the production in his songs. Once I figured out that Pharrell made his own music, it made me want to dive into the world of producing.



How do you two collaborate in the studio? Do you both have a specific role, or do you switch it up on each song more organically?

Our collaboration is very organic. It all depends on the track we’re working on. Sometimes I’ll start a track, and then give it to Dan to put his own spin on it. Other times, Dan will lay out a rough version of a song, and then I’ll take over to give it the finishing touches. What’s great about our relationship in the studio is that its very easy-going, but at the same time we are comfortable with being critical of each other, which pushes us to improve on our sound.

“Back To You” has a really easy going, almost symbiotic relationship between it’s beat and the vocal sample. When you’re composing this type of track, is there anything you’re really conscious of in regards to the “hook” of the song, or do you find that it happens naturally? 

With this song, and really any song we compose, it definitely comes naturally. We have a lot of back and forth on any song we work on, and that usually lets the track grow organically from different revisions we try to incorporate based on each other’s ideas.

One (or more!) trend(s) you HATE in electronic music? Let’s talk some shit! 

Social media pressure to join Tik Tok, especially taking part in those dance challenges. We’re awful dancers.

Anything we should know about what you have coming up? 

We’ve got a lot of music we’re working on that we’re looking forward to releasing over these next few months. We’re also collaborating with some talented singer/songwriters that we’re really excited about, and we can’t wait to share those songs with our listeners. Oh, and we also have a few special projects planned over these next few months, so stay tuned.


“Back To You” is streaming worldwide on 5/22, in the meantime pre-save the single here.



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