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Shamir creates new quarantine anthem “On My Own”



This month, dreamy pop artist Shamir has returned to the music scene with a new single called “On My Own,” featured in our recent post 8 Black LGBT artists to discover during PrideShamir is a strong presence that brings light to both communities as well as creating a song that is helping calm the coiling stress many are experiencing due to the health guideline of social distancing, a song many of us currently need.

The artist based from Philadelphia originally wrote this track in response to a tender breakup that occurred last year. “I wrote ‘On My Own’ last summer after a breakup as a way to remind myself that while it sucked to lose someone I was getting used to, at least I’m an introvert,” he told the Rolling Stone.

Despite the initial intention of this song, the lyrics and accompanying video eerily embrace the current state of the world. With social distancing still strongly encouraged and a spiking rise in COVID-19, many people are feeling the extent of isolation at its fullest along with the growing anxiety of feeling trapped.

Shamir recognizes the connection this song has to the current situation, explaining that “considering the pandemic, [‘On My Own’] also morphed into an accidental quarantine anthem, especially for the people who live alone like me.” Shamir recorded the song and video by his lonesome in his apartment, providing both a sound and visual of being in quarantine.

If anyone is experiencing a growing tightness in their chest and mental tribulation due to the ongoing pandemic, you are at least not alone there. With a breezy air, “On My Own” can not only embrace your loneliness but act as a proponent of independence. Shamir’s angelic vocals can ease your growing anxieties and make you feel that, perhaps, this situation is a chance to embrace the time to ourselves that some have desperately avoided. This dreamy new beat can help us ease into that state.

Shamir plans on releasing a full-length album in the upcoming months that will embrace the commercial pop sound that “On My Own” boasts, hopefully providing even more ease through several songs as breezy and light as this single.

Watch the video for “On My Own” here:

Stream the track now on Spotify.

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