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Squid Cult release “Angelpuke” Video



‘Angelpuke’ is the true story of how we burned down Hoagy Carmichael’s house. We did it so that his ghost would haunt our music. We like jazz music. Our friend Jonathan Weber plays Hoagy who was, as we all remember, a junkie space narwhal. The piano outro is a nod to his classic, ‘Stardust.’ The inimitable vis-wiz Vsev Krawczeniuk spent hundreds of man hours on this psychedelic space-experience. So if you see him on the street, give him a firm hankshake and a ‘thank you.’ I know we will.
Squid Cult return to the desert in the trippy, dreamlike video for their newest single, “Angelpuke.” The track, with its booming alternative rock sound, comes alive in technicolor visions as the band plays with the rugged rocks and desert heat as their backdrop. Foil headdresses and witch hats serve as their costumes as they navigate the unfolding kaleidoscope of colors their music paints in the desert, a stunning vision created by Vsev Krawczeniuk. It becomes clear as the track calms to a humming piano and the colors fade away, that this entire experience was nothing but an intoxicated dream. Be sure to check out Squid Cults newest video experience for “Angelpuke,” out now.
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