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Stream the new Bon Iver album ‘i,i’ right now



The lead-up to the upcoming Bon Iver album i,i has been fairly slow and relatively standard. Two months ago. the Justin Vernon-led project dropped two new singles after they had played some new stuff live. One month later, the full album announcement came along with two more singles. As of this writing, physical editions of i,i are still set to be released on August 30, but you can now stream the entire thing digitally right now.

The news came today as the band slowly rolled out lyric videos for track after track from i,i all morning. At first, no one knew what was going on. Just a few more singles? Nah, it turns out they just dropped the full album early. Well, it’s mostly the full album. Oddly, the only track missing is the half a minute intro “Yi.” Now, pulling a surprise album drop right now does seem kind of strange. After all, we don’t have that long to wait. But it should be noted that there were worldwide listening parties for the album at participating locations yesterday evening. So, because of all that entails with that, I’m just gonna assume the band just felt compelled to share the full thing for everyone early cause why not?

All of these songs are still so fresh for so many right now. So instead of trying to dig into each and every one, I’ll just let you dive in for yourself. Down below you’ll find the lyric video for the first proper song on the album “iMi” as well as the full digital album stream of i,i. I certainly wasn’t expecting this to happen, so put me in the category of kind of truly freaking out right now. Anyway, let’s get into it,,.

Pre-order a physical copy of i,i right here.


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