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Stream Vampire Weekend’s new album ‘Father Of The Bride’



Today’s the big day. After months of teasing, and six years of waiting,Vampire Weekend’s long anticipated fourth studio album Father Of The Bride is now available everywhere. In the lead-up to its big release, the band carefully rolled out six of the album’s 18 tracks, two at a time, over the span of three months. Aside from the infectious “Harmony Hall,” and the throwback sound of “This Life,” the singles mostly seemed like odd choices. It left me unsure of how to feel about Father Of The Bride. Was this going to be the band’s first misstep?

Well, as one might have expected (and I was that “one” right alongside preparing for disappointment), all the songs work so much better in the context of the entire record. And each track released also seemed purposefully chosen (duh), to further clue us all in on the diversity of the album. For as much as this is a loose, rambling, breezy sort of LP, it contains layers of unexpected sounds across its near hour runtime. Vampire Weekend have always had fairly diverse records. I mean, remember Contra, with its inclusion of simple punk sounds right alongside auto tuned oddities?

But what makes FOTB seem so much more diverse is it’s core sound, which is a departure itself for the group. They haven’t quite sounded this acoustic and relaxed yet upbeat, and still dense. It’s a strange melding of new styles, but it retains that catchy/heady balance Vampire Weekend have already perfected. Look, there’s a lot to unpack all over this album, but at the very same it can be enjoyed on a base level. It’ll easily soundtrack your daytime drives, your outdoor parties, your summer as a whole. But it’ll also welcome you into its grander world of wonder as a headphone album, with lyrics to pour over and sounds to bathe in.

It may take me a while to get used to all of what’s going on with this album, but already I can tell that there’s something special about it. What’s my perspective? What’s my grading? Time will tell. But for the moment, I’m just taking it all in. And you should too.

Check Father Of The Bride down below.

Purchase Father Of The Bride right here.


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