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T-Pain drops new powerful track “Get Up”



In light of the current events involving the Black Lives Matter movements, protests, and police brutality, T-Pain released a powerful new single “Get Up.” He is sending a message to his listeners that no matter how much they get knocked down, “The only thing that matters is what you gon’ do when you get up.”

T-pain speaks motivational and powerful lyrics saying, “Long as my heart beatin’ and I’m breathin’ air/I fight for me, what a sight, anytime, anywhere/And I will never back down from it (from it).” The Black Lives Matter movement have been fighting for a long time in order to get the rights and respect they deserve, and no matter what they do, it still isn’t enough. T-Pain wants everyone to know that he is not backing down anytime soon, and we all need to “Get Up” and work together to end racism.

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