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Tedy talks signing to Sony and “Boys Don’t Cry”



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Tedy is no stranger to adaptation Before landing in Montreal, Haitian-born artist Tedy bounced around from city to city, using YouTube and music to create the deep emotional bonds and friendships he missed out on.

The now 27-year-old artist released his first single “Can I” in 2016 followed on “Hold on Tighter” in 2018. And just last year, he signed to Sony and began work on his major-label debut, expected to be released later this year.

Just a few days ago, Tedy released his new single “Boys Don’t Cry” which doubles as the title track of the upcoming EP.

We caught up with Tedy to talk about the new single and finding his home at Sony.

Who’s been your biggest supporter in your career thus far?

I would say my parents for sure after coming around to the idea of me wanting to be a singer. This alleviated some of the struggles when I just needed a place to reset or just literally helping me take out loans to pay for my sessions. I am grateful to them for all of that.

Before signing with Sony last year (congrats, by the way), you had already amassed quite a substantial following and accrued an impressive number of streams over your platforms; in other words, you didn’t need the help of a major label to start your fanbase. What about the prospect of working with Sony excited you, and did you ever consider remaining an independent artist?

Thank you! I never saw myself signing to any label. I got many offers from many different companies and I declined. What I was seeking was growth in my craft to create connections with people and make them feel. I felt like many labels I spoke with did not get that and I didn’t even feel like a human speaking to them. I was just seen as a potential money-making machine. But from my initial conversations with Sony, they got what I wanted to achieve and definitely have given me a space to explore and evolve.

How was the process of creating music under a label different from when you were an independent artist? 

I could actually make songs from scratch in a completely different way. I used to scavenge the internet for beats for months until I would find something that I thought would be able to connect with people. Whereas now I have the opportunity and privilege to just create my own sounds from scratch and am able to truly start showing the world who Tedy is.

Your song “War” takes the reader on an emotional breakup journey and is paired with beautiful, atmospheric sound to match. You also just released another new single “Boys Don’t Cry.” Can you talk about the process of creating those songs? How did they evolve from their initial inception?

Well I wrote “Boys Don’t Cry” first. Funny enough the whole EP was written in literally a week. Once I wrote “Boys Don’t Cry”, I pretty much knew the vibe that I wanted this EP to have. On “War” I wanted a very intense feeling, almost like the song was a battlefield. I focused on the intensity of every sound while still maintaining a sense of softness and vulnerability. “Boys Don’t Cry” is similar but the sentiments for “War” was much more internalized. I wanted to show the chaos in my head in a very sharp, intense way. Less soft but keeping that vulnerability.

Let’s talk about the fact that you’re going to be releasing your major label debut EP this year. That’s so exciting! Is there a song off Boys Don’t Cry that you’re most interested in seeing listeners’ reactions to?

Yes! “Twisted (I hate myself)” & “Hopeless”, those two songs are VERY intense. Each in their own specific way. One is absolute anger and the other absolute despair. It will be interesting to see how people react!

Last year you released your first ever music video for your track “Stuck.” How did you come up with that video concept and did any part of the creation process surprise you?

The concept definitely came from me wanting to show the world how I see things in my head. How our emotions are like chains they can either protect us or restrain us. The pleasantly surprising part was learning how involved I could actually be throughout the whole process! I literally was involved in everything (coming up with the idea, building the set, recording & editing) and I thought that was so cool. I’m a control freak to the max! So having that kind of artistic freedom is definitely really great for me.

Finally, what’s been keeping you sane amongst the COVID madness?

Weirdly enough it took the whole world shutting down for me to truly start finding myself. I’ve been making TikToks. That platform is great for me to blow off some steam and be silly and learn to embrace and love certain sides of my personality. Otherwise writing for sure! Definitely started working on the next project that comes after Boys Don’t Cry and all I can say is that things are about to get really pop and upbeat. I’ve been in a very pop mood!  Having so much time to myself to think in all this chaos, I feel has made me evolve as a person!

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