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The 1975 get aggressive on new single “People”



Late last month The 1975 quietly dropped the opening track from their upcoming album Notes On A Conditional FormLike all previous albums from the band, the opener was titled “The 1975.” But whereas all the previous versions have featured the same lyrics with new musical accompaniment, the new one changed things up dramatically. Instead of the usual lyrics, we got a speech from teenage climate change activist Greta Thunberg. As such, it wasn’t so much as a new song, but rather a promise that the album was indeed on the way. Well, now that we’re a month removed from that initial tease, The 1975 have opted to roll out the album’s first official single and it’s quite a ride.

Although the initial teaser track for Notes On Conditional Form surprised us all, I feel that the new single “People” is going to be much more of a shock. Almost immediately, the song puts you in an uncomfortable, confrontational headspace with its loud guitars and vocalist Matthew Healy’s sloppy screaming. It’s the most aggressive thing the band have ever put out, and thus will be incredibly divisive among, well, everyone I suppose. There’s certainly an energy to the song, and not just in the noisy atmosphere of the music, but also in the bluntly shouted lyrics. It feels urgent, desperate, and surreal.

The “People” single also comes along with a music video that purposefully matches all of the moods/disclaimers you can throw at the song itself. I would sum it up for you, but it’s best to just jump into it sight unseen and get jolted around. So, do that…right below here.

Notes On A Conditional Form is out February 21 via Interscope/Dirty Hit.


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