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Tribal trance duo Desert Dwellers reimagine album Breath with new mixes out 1/24



Billboard chart-topping electronic duo Desert Dwellers, who met in the ’90s at Moontribe events, evoke a certain feeling of earthy energy with their tribal beats heard throughout album Breath. Landing at number nine on Billboard’s Electronic Music chart, this monumental album isn’t finished making waves quite yet.

Amani and Treavor continue their patronage to cultural celebration and musical heritage with Breath Reimagined Vol. 1, which will be released January 24 on Desert Trax. Throughout Breath Reimagined Vol. 1, brilliant producers within the psychedelic and world-fusion communities exhibit 14 euphonious recreations, each derived from one of the original 10 tracks. Remixers include Bluetech, Mumukshu, TRIBONE, DRRTYWULVZ, Globular, Somatoast, Mindex, Halfred, Gumi, MantishMash, Pitch Black, Erothyme, and Nanosphere.



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