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Who the hell is trap-metal band Scythe Gang 666?



There I was, having a chill day in quarantine when brand new trap-metal band Scythe Gang 666 came exploding through my speakers. Now my speakers might be broken.

Scythe Gang 666‘s modern-day scene kid-type promo photo is deceptive. Before watching their new video for single “AK-47“, I expected something completely different than what I heard after pressing play. The four interesting people you see pictured below managed to create a wildly solid single, boasting hot trap beats better than anything 6ix9ine could ever dig up (I guess that’s not too hard, but nonetheless you know what I’m saying).

The pink cross-processed, high quality music video is filled with cheesy trap-metal staples like hot goth girls, cool cars, and alcohol,  but this band can’t be shamed for it for good reason: they know exactly what they’re doing and how to do it.

“AK-47”, while not deeply lyrical for obvious reasons, has high trap beats that turn into earworms faster than the alcohol slammed in this video, while the metal-based screams take this single from “pretty good” to “hard as hell”. The “AK-47” video is the first introduction to Scythe Gang 666 and carries every single element of their new branding, from their signature neon pink ski masks to vocalist Michael Vanson’s e-goth fashion staples. I write “new” branding because from a few YouTube comments and the fact that their Facebook page was originally created in June of 2016 leads me to believe this band has been around. Even in a deep-dive I still was unable to find anything from their past and that’s exactly how they want it. The band seems oddly, and maybe deliberately secretive and I’m into it. I simply have no idea where the hell this band came from, both literally and figuratively.

Despite their lack of information provided (no location, no genre, no bio, and no previous press), they have something undoubtedly serious.

There are no social media posts past the “AK-47” cycle and almost every single thing they’ve posted uses the same color schemes and high-quality content and is promoted with the same “fuck you pay me” vibe. Scythe Gang 666 belongs on tour next to Ghostemane and ATTILA as they walk the fine line between “hard” and “cringe”, just how they like it.

Exploring every band member’s social media it becomes clear very quickly that they were never the “cool alt kids” and have been faced with doubt throughout their music careers. Admittedly, that story is one I have a soft spot for. Nü Sound loves the underdogs, we pay attention to the weirdos and we celebrate different sounds. I can see Scythe Gang 666 taking the word “cringe” for their own, refusing to let someone use their sound and perfectly linear branding against them. Bands of all genres can take a page out of this scream-trap band’s book of how to start a successful band and need to be watching very carefully as they step onto the scene.


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