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Yucca King drop manic new single “Panic Attack #2”



Art/noise rock band Yucca King have just shared the first strange taste of their upcoming album Popcorn, but also House Fire with “Panic Attack #2.” Through a twisty mix of punk energy and unique indie rock, the band tap into something almost undefinable and refreshing. The new song not only kicks off the album rollout of their sophomore release, but also acts as the opener to the LP. Appropriately, it’s acting as a redefining, or reintroduction to the sound of Yucca King. And it’s quite a journey all on its own.

Speaking about the song’s meaning, vocalist Greg Arent says:

“When I was in my early days of sobriety I struggled with crippling panic attacks. Every time I had to go out and be social without booze I would have a total meltdown. I always wanted to write a song about that feeling and the music in this song seemed to fit; with the dirty bass, screaming guitar and herky-jerky drumbeat. We want the song to actually make people feel anxious.”

Right off the bat, Arent’s speak-singing vocals introduce you to the mind of anxiousness, and the music attempts to mimic that. Throughout its four minutes, the band lock in and out of step, keeping an eye on the theme as they attempt to match Arent’s lyrics. It’s the perfect sort of marriage between music and words, with each note and each line coming together to create a pure encapsulation of a feeling. But more than all that, it’s just a gritty fun ride, punching in catchiness at the right moments, and throwing you off in equal measure.

Popcorn, but also House Fire will be the first new batch of material since the band’s more indie-rock styled debut,  2017’s The Ghost Of Everyone. This time out, the band have opted to stretch themselves out musically, refusing to be boxed in to any one specific sound or genre. You can already get a good sense of that with “Panic Attack #2,” but the band suggest that every song on the album has its own unique identity. What it’ll all amount to should be a surprising, engaging, and, yes, weird project that’ll be a blast to dig into. And we won’t have to wait too long as the new album is set for release on April 26. In the meantime…

Stream “Panic Attack #2” right here.

Pre-order Popcorn, but also House Fire here.


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