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Who We Are chat with us about growing as a band



1. Lets talk about the name Who We Are briefly. How did that come to fruition?
My mentor Johnny came up with the name and we loved it.
2. How did you guys come together and how have you grown as a band over the years?
Well I had been looking for a band for a couple of years at that point and kinda gave up. So I just started writing the first EP and thought when I find members we will at least have some material recorded. So about a 3 months before we started recording the whole band just fell into place.

3. What musicians or people in general, do you look at for inspiration?
For me there are a lot of pop influences like Halsey, Post Malone, The Weekend. But I also have a lot of heavy influence like
Dance Gavin Dance, Our Last Night,
Too Close To Touch and others
4. Do you regularly get into the studio (how ever large or small) and record new music or rehearse?
Yes it’s one of my favorite things to do! I try to get into our space to write or practice at least 4 times a week.
5. What have been some of your favorite show moments?
We’re still growing as a unit. It’s a different experience every time we play so to name one time that stands out above the rest right now would be premature. Ask me agin in a year and I’ll have some stories to tell.
6. What are your plans for the rest of 2018? New music or videos? tour?
We will have some information on that very soon but stay tuned!
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