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3 Carolina bands you should be watching



cover photo by Gloria Zavaleta

Nü Sound is dedicated to the local Carolina scene, so imagine our excitement when we heard three amazing local bands will be featured at Charlotte’s upcoming emo night at The Underground! It’s time to get sad y’all!

March 9th, The Underground will hold a few of the emo genres greatest treasures from the past and present at an emo night. DJ sets from Dan “Soupy” Campbell of pop/punk band The Wonder Years and sad boy JT Woodruff of Hawthorne Heights will end the night but the best part? THREE incredible Carolina bands (Never I, Come Clean and Brigades) are the openers and we couldn’t be more stoked for this local showcase that is bound to sell out. These three Carolina bands have everything it takes to be your new favorite underdog, from label support to sold-out shows, and deserve to remain on your radar. Read below for our favorite tracks from each band and give ’em a follow.


Never I – hardcore/noise

photo by Gloria Zavaleta

“Show-goers describe the band as chaotic and raw with fast-paced riffs, driving percussion, and intense vocals throughout their performance.” Never I’s sound is truly unique, with a foundation of grit with an overlay of clean vocals in a way that makes you angry and happy all at once.

Our favorite Never I track:

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Brigades – pop/punk

“The Last Laugh (self released), released in 2011, was a nine song EP that built a regional following for the band was followed up by their first label debut EP Crocodile Tears (via Pure Noise Records), released in 2013.” 

Our favorite Brigades track:

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Come Clean – pop/punk

From Greensboro, pop-punk trio Come Clean burst past the North Carolina scene into regional and national ears. With their rise, Come Clean still returns to grow the fanbase at their roots in the Carolinas and put on an awesome live show.

Our favorite Come Clean track:

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