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A conversation with Thieves and Lovers



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I had the pleasure of getting to ask Baltimore-based band Thieves and Lovers a few questions about how this insanely weird COVID-ridden year has affected them. Along with moving across the country, the band’s sound moved with them, bringing a fresh punk-rock attitude with their new single “Conversations Kill.”

Check out the interview with Thieves and Lovers below:


How do you guys think your sound has changed since your move from L.A. to Pittsburgh, or from Pittsburgh to Baltimore?

I would say the progression of our sound has been more of a result of just growing as artists than being based in any one location. Being exposed to different cities definitely inspires creativity though. It’s one of the things we love (and miss!) most about touring, and not playing shows has been the most difficult part of the past year for us.

How has quarantining with COVID affected your creative process?

I’ll be honest – it hasn’t been easy. But music is the only way a lot of people are keeping it together right now, and with other creative areas it proves the necessity of the arts in society. As for our process, it feels a little stifled. But we’re making the best of it and working on some new song ideas, and we’re even getting a little experimental with it!

Tell me a little bit about “Conversation’s Kill”! What inspired it and what was the recording process like?

The song is about that point in a toxic relationship where you both know it’s over, but it’s not over yet – you know? And sometimes at that point things are said intentionally to hurt the other. Things that certainly can’t be taken back. The recording process was pretty easy, we did it in my studio. Making music this way frees you up to experiment without worrying about the clock or cost.

How has each of your backgrounds influenced your music as a whole?

I think we all come to the table with different influences and perspectives and that finds its way into the songs. We grew up on late 90s/early 2000s alternative radio so we like to run the spectrum and change things up. Our older stuff is more acoustic rock, we have some ambient emo-style songs. Conversations Kill is more of a step into post punk.

What does the future hold? Any insights on an upcoming new album?

Really hoping that concerts will start up again in 2021. We’re hoping we can get back out in front of people and sort of pick up where we left off. We had such big plans for this year! We will probably continue moving forward with releasing singles for the time being, but if things come together a record is not out of the question!

Let’s say COVID is over and everyone is cured and all is well, where would you want to perform? What arena, in what state, and why?

What we miss the most is the interaction with the audience, meeting fans, and making new ones. I wouldn’t say there’s any particular venue, we just miss being out there. Hopefully things will get back to some semblance of normal soon.


Stream “Conversations Kill” here.

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