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East coast, midwest and west coast teams bringing you music news from every genre. We love the unheard-ofs, the un-knowns, the weirdos. We love a good underdog story.

Meet the Staff

Cait McMahon


Fav genres: punk, pop-punk, classic rock

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Natalie DaRe

Assistant Editor

Fav genres: alternative, pop-punk, pop

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Gabby Reihanian

Social Media Manager & Senior Contributor

Fav genres: alternative rock, pop-rock, contemporary r&b

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Gyllian Mullen


Fav genres: indie rock, folk, pop

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Irene Baghdasaryan

Senior Contributor

Fav genres: art rock, alternative, indie, blues

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Katherine Andrews


Fav genres: dance/art pop, electronica, classical

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Hannah Carlotti

Senior Contributor

Fav genres: pop, pop-rock, indie, pop-punk

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Mackenzie Oravec

Contributor and Playlist Curator

Fav genres: French indie, art pop, alternative hip hop

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Jordan Edelman


Fav genres: pop, alternative, hip-hop

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Jackie Verba


Fav genres: classic rock and punk rock

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Jake Ranieri


Fav genres: alternative, R&B/soul, house

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Nathaniel Hendricks


Fav genres: punk, rock, blues

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Paige Bennett

Contributor & Nü Music Friday Columnist

Fav genres: alt, r&b and folk

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Mariana Ornelas


Fav genres: alternative rock, classic rock, soul, R&B

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Elisabeth Hoeft


Fav genres: pop-punk, edm, and alternative

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Jill Kraus


Fav genres: R&B/soul, alternative, pop, hip-hop/rap

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Jackson Pohlmeier


Fav genres: Rap, alt rock, folk

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