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Ace Enders and Nik Bruzzese creation: alt-rock video “Help Center” from The Bronze Age



Off their upcoming new EP, Raleigh alternative rock band The Bronze Age‘s newest creation “Help Center” was brought to fruition with help from Ace Enders (The Early November) and Nik Bruzzese (Man Overboard).


Each song that comes from The Bronze Age feels uniquely genuine, guided by Puchalski’s gently assertive vocals over Thrice-inspired guitars. “Help Center” boasts an intense fusion of Bruzzese’s positive energy and Ender’s developed skill, resulting in a perfect kick-off for the upcoming record.


Produced/Recorded by Nik Bruzzese and Ace Enders at The LumberYard, mixed by Tate Mercer, mastered by Kris Crummett, video by Sirius Cinema.



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