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PREMIERE: brand new track from Jack Names The Planets “Hooks and Alligators”



jack names the planets

Upon a first listen, it becomes clear that Jack Names The Planets is no ordinary New Jersey rock band. Their ska-esque guitar riffs and hoarse vocals are an odd, yet perfect pair, complimenting each other like whiskey and coke. Blasting off after recently released boxing-inspired music video for single “Boxeader”, Nü Sound presents their newest single “Hooks and Alligators” and an exclusive interview on the band’s details!


1) For those unfamiliar, tell us where you guys are from and how Jack Names the Planets came to be.

We all came from the bustling North Jersey punk scene of the late 90s and early 2000s. For me, the root of Jack Names the Planets was 15 years ago at a house party. Shane and I had a mutual friend who ODed, and we spoke about him and got to talking about music and life and started a band that summer. Soon Shane’s brother, Joshy got involved, and it was a matter of time before their youngest brother Bone got his shit together and joined us too. Our long time friend Adam recently joined the band earlier this year. – Chris Patrick

2) Using only 3 words, describe your sound.

Piercing Octaval Storm. – Chris Patrick

Post-ethereal Space-Boogie. – Bone

One hand clapping. – Shane

3) “Boxeador” brings topics like addiction to the surface, can you expand on your personal experience with addiction? How has it played into your musical career thus far?

I personally lost a lot of friends to addiction. Some lost their lives, others lost their souls. But I think Boxeador is hopeful in the end, because you can come back. The evidence is on stage with me every time we play, and I’m thankful every time I hear those Oberman boys play a chord or bang a gong that they were able to turn themselves around. – Chris Patrick

4) Unfortunately, the music industry sees addiction often. Do you have any resources you would recommend to musicians or fans struggling with addiction?

I’ll leave this one for the Oberman boys, but I think a band can be an excellent mini support group. – Chris Patrick

If you are struggling with a drug or alcohol problem find a recovery center in your area, get into an inpatient rehab and cast your ego and pre-existing notions and ideas of sobriety. Follow their advice to a t. – Bone

Reach out to us on social media and we will DEFINITELY point you in the right direction. We are here to help, it’s very important to us. There is hope and we are living examples. – Shane

jack names the planets

5) Can you tell us the story behind upcoming album name “Ghost Stories”?

Ghost stories are whispers from the past. Ghost stories are memories that may or may not be real; the things that haunt you when you are trying to go to sleep in those quiet moments. – Josh

Ghosts appear and fade away but the memories can linger like echoes of a bad dream. Often we can find lessons in these experiences, and that’s what we’re trying to convey. Crisis is an opportunity to repair yourself. – Shane

4) Thus far, what has been the most inspirational moment of your music career?

Reconnecting with my old bandmates after we spent a few years going our separate ways. Some things had changed, but at the very core of it we’re still as tight and close as ever. – Chris Patrick

Our parents almost saying their proud of us. Not in words exactly…but you could just tell. – Shane

5) As a rising band, what has been your greatest challenge?

Definitely balancing a full time job and making time to practice and gig and keep our relationships healthy. It’s very much a second job and you wind up spread pretty thin. – Chris Patrick

Eachother. Learning to work together as a group, and as brothers. – Bone

In many ways it’s easier than ever to get your music out into the world, but the challenge is standing out against a million other people doing the same thing. It’s not easy getting people to care about your band. – Shane

6) What has been your biggest musical inspiration?

Acid and Jay’s basement. -CP

Thirty years of breathing. – Bone

Summer nights, campfires. – Josh

May 2001, Josh picked me up from school in his cutlass supreme and popped live Dead on the diskman. The tracks “St. Stephen” into “The Eleven” and the bass in particular blew a grapefruit sized hole in my brain that I have yet to recover from. – Shane

7) Can you give us the background of your band name?

We’re all massive Stephen King nerds. We borrowed it from the title of a chapter in the book The Talisman.

8) If you actually encountered an alligator, what would be your first thought?

Burying yourself in the mud is an efficient way to stay cool in a tropical climate. – Shane

I think if Bone encountered the alligator, there would be a symbiotic relationship. He would clean the gators teeth and live on his back. – Chris Patrick


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