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AJR’s New Album The Click: Best Pop-Rock Album of 2017?



 AJR The Click

Yesterday, my dog chewed up my bed (again) and Ronnie Radke tweeted some weird joke at me, so I threw in the towel and went to sleep early, hoping for a better day to come.
First things first, it’s Friday, so it’s already exponentially better than Thursday. Second, and most important, AJR dropped their brand new album The Click today. I’ll be honest, I forgot about it. These days, pop-rock isn’t my first choice when I’m looking for a new sound. Every damn album in this genre I’ve heard this year sounds the same. Whiny pop ballads and deflated electro back beats just piss me off at this point. Like I’m stuck in an alternate universe where Donald Trump bans the usage of musical instruments and forces all female artists to sound like Lorde’s little sister (love her, but we only need one).
In my routine of giving every new release I come across a fighting chance, Katy Perry’s Witness got a hard pass after I confirmed there are zero gems from that album and that she’s done putting out bangers. R.I.P to my Teenage Dream. Jumping into the first track “Overture” from AJR’s The Click, it was my background music until about halfway through, where vocals start to increase in pitch and a literal overture takes over with chorus snippets from “Call My Dad” and “I’m Weak”, infused with fiery beats. Needless to say, I stopped what I was doing and let this album engulf me, simply because it demands it. When “Sober Up” greets listeners with a jumpy violin intro, happiness is no longer an option, and this is why I love this album. The Click is exactly what every person feeling lost needs. In the entire album, lyrics place struggles of being an “almost adult” in the current year (spoiler: it kind of sucks), like “Won’t you help me sober up/all the big kids they got drunk/and I wanna feel somethin’ again”, in a laugh-able fashion. Going strong with “Drama”, I honestly can’t handle how relatable this is. The line of “When did my friends get so loud?” made me into a “yassss” girl and I bet it will do something similar for you. “I’m Not Famous” is a catchy pop track that basically describes my life on social media and with a classic clap chorus, I foresee an amazing live version of this surfacing sometime soon.
This is an album I want to write a full description of but I’ll just end with this: it distinctively hits on being confused about relationships and life, and in the end, just wanting to call your parents so they can make it all better. Listen to this album if you want to hear the key to getting through the rest of 2017. Thanks AJR, we appreciate you.

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