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Album Review: ‘Feel Something’ by Movements



written by Aaron DiDonato

When your heart skips a beat, goosebumps course throughout your body, sweaty palms are present, and the echoing thoughts come lashing back, there is something there to comfort you in unpleasant times to reveal a “pink clouded summer” sky.  

Movements’ first LP, Feel Something, accomplishes all the above. It creates a realm of authenticity for the listener to grab and clench on to, for an emotional whirlwind. Every lyric, chord, and melody intends to come at you full fledged, either in a charged or somber manner. Lead vocalist Patrick Miranda gives insight to his thoughts and mindset. Feel Something opens with ‘Full Circle’. The chorus of this song sets the tone of the album “It comes in waves and I’m pulled below / It’s not subjective, it’s clinical / Drown myself in the undertow of all my imbalanced chemicals / And this cycle comes full circle / This cycle comes full circle again”. The outro gives you a beginning of what to expect from his storytelling capabilities when the song slows, “Because instead of feeling cornered, the corners of my mouth will start to point up Instead of being anchored down”. Raw and unfiltered, this album discusses his struggle with depression and fighting for something ahead he doesn’t understand, but knows will get better.

The album cements his trouble with doubting himself and coping with change.

‘Colorblind’ is the lead single off Feel Something, explaining a problem with a relationship he has. “Is there something wrong with me? / This doubt is deafening / ’Cause you were gold but I’m colorblind.” From the second verse, “Find a reason / Is it the change of season? / Maybe it’s just a color I can’t see / Or maybe it’s not meant for me / Is it all of the above?”. This gives off a visual of grey, black, and white at the pace of the tempo. The very next song ‘Daylily’ is one that could be easily dubbed as a typical Emo/Pop Punk attempt, but Miranda’s delivery capitalizes. He emphasizes “You’ll be fine / You’ll be fine / You’ll be fine” referring to himself in third person. He finds someone who is his source of light in life, “You are the rustling of leaves / You are that honeysuckle breeze / You are the sunlight / Shine onto me / Shine onto me / Shine onto me”. Here he also discloses how pink and red will be theme of warmth and triumph throughout.

‘Deadly Dull’ is most notably the emotionally jerking song on the album. He goes into describing a husband and wife (maybe his grandparents) who both are dying of Alzheimer’s. “It’s a deadly dull / Like a sword stuck in its sheath / A mind once sharp and full / Now clouded and diseased”.  Pat’s worries with his current state he could end up the same way based on his genes, “And will I end up the same way when I grow old and turn to grey? / As time leaves me behind to fade away”. ‘Fever Dream’ slows down to an acoustic tempo and gives you an impression of his frustration and anguish he’s experiencing. “Take a drive in my car / Try to find my reality / Slam my first on the wheel / Over again until my knuckles bleed’. He comes to an understanding that the only enemies he’s fighting are the thoughts in his head.  In ‘Deep Red’, there is a presence of someone who makes him feel happy but he cannot tell if it’s a dream or if it’s real. He doesn’t really care if it’s real, but he wants to feel better in the moment. “I see in shades of grey, I’m going blind again / But when it comes to you, my world is red”. ‘The Grey’ ends the album on an optimistic, confident note in Miranda’s storytelling. “I still believe in happiness and I want to find a way / But lately my whole world is being swallowed by the grey / For now there’s comfort in the quiet, solitude, and rainy days / I’ve got my sadness to a science, all I can do is hope for change.”

Producer Will Yip (who has worked with the likes of Tigers Jaw, Citizen, Turnover, etc.) gives you another album carefully orchestrated to set Emo back into the ears of the radio/mainstream culture. With an increased national honor towards those with mental illness, this album either comes as something you will really love or something you won’t enjoy collectively.

Movements’ Feel Something brings you lyrical brilliance from complete harmony to intense, harsher vocals, but not to be forgotten or overshadowed is the instrumentation brought. Uniqueness is seen in the guitar work and drumming. A sense of ambience is present in all tracks along with never feeling overextended to topple the vocals. This album has everything you are looking for in the change of seasons.

Look for the Post-Hardcore/Emo act to especially impress those who are attending Knuckle Puck’s current tour.


Superb; 4.4/5


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