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Album Review: The Plot In You – DISPOSE



the plot in you

written by Kat Shannon

Anticipation as thick as the saliva in one’s mouth after running miles in the bitter winter nipped at my insides before hitting the play button on DISPOSE for the first time. There was no denying that the fourth studio album from The Plot In You, follow up to a heavy hitting Happiness in Self Destruction, would be something noteworthy. There wasn’t anything in sight – or sound – that could have prepared me for the listening experience that DISPOSE provides.

In June 2017, the band announced their departure from Stay Sick Recordings with the release of “FEEL NOTHING” via Fearless Records. My body was not ready for the level of attachment I would later develop for this song or the lyrical content within it. The song opens with a soft piano and smooth honey-like vocals from Landon serenading: “Before I say another word/ just know that my intentions were pure/ but you can’t stand to be in silence/ all you can hear is your own voice/ fueling delusion in you”, it spoke to me on a level that I didn’t yet understand but after months with the song and deep personal changes in my life, I hold this piece closer to my heart than some family members. The bridge of this song continues with soft instruments to instill a deep seeded emotional connection with the audience by pairing with lyrics that could chill even the cruelest of souls. It immediately builds into Landon beginning to show his true emotions with a powerful and defining vocal on the immediate following lyric “and I can’t relate/ and I feel NOTHING for YOU”, where the instrumentals pick up with major emphasis on “you”, adding drums and guitar in such a rhythm that warrants nothing less than listening while at the gym or after a fight. The song continues in an ebb and flow of extreme emotion with powerful lyrics that suggest the break up this man went through was a crisis of monumental levels.

TPIY really prove they’re after the top spot with this album. It’s not nearly as heavy throughout as their previous albums, but there’s a loving balance of well-paired instrumentals intertwined with deep, meaningful lyrics. Tracks like “RIGGED” and “THE SOUND”, showcase the falsettos and clean vocals that Landon is exploring and leave the listener pleasantly surprised in comparison to their previous work. The band worked very synergistically when writing this album, and it displays clearly with emotional tracks such as “NOT JUST BREATHING”. DISPOSE is a listening experience because each song is so drastically different from the previous track, no two songs are alike. That being said, “HAPPY” was a suitable addition, because it provides instrumental experimentation and showcases lyrically the pain that inspired much of this album. It is a display of artistry that shies from their typical sound and sets itself apart from the rest of the album without going so far that it’s not relatable. The same could be said of “THE ONE YOU LOVED”. This track has a future playing on Octane or even local alternative rock stations. It has just enough of a mainstream vibe to it that encapsulates both the lyrical content I’ve come to expect from this band and a sound that proves that change can be good. Ten songs is the perfect amount to give listeners to process such a robust shift in direction.

Two months into 2018 and we have a strong contender for album of the year. The Plot In You have surpassed expectations and evolved their sound to fit in everywhere and nowhere, simultaneously. Packed with heavily emotional lyrics that will provide you with subtweets for days, and at least three gym playlist additions, it would be a shame not to add this to any collection.

Solid 4/5

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