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Album Review: The Regrettes – Feel Your Feelings Fool



With millennial-inspired cover art, 2016-formed punk group The Regrettes blast into 2017 with debut record Feel Your Feelings, Fool! – showcasing their unique, beachy-punk beats partnered with a fearless lyrical attitude: a combination found in no other group. Beginning with “I Don’t Like You”, the opening track is an authentic testament to that attitude and is followed by my personal favorite, “A Living Human Girl”. This track is an uncensored anthem for women and harmonious to a specific group: women in the music industry. Once this track hits your ears, the album’s layers being peeling back to expose the grit and frustration behind incredibly talented and young vocalist Lydia Night. See how I didn’t mention “female” in her title?

Fast-forward to “Seashore” and delving into a feeling we can all remember, feeling like a child and being treated as such. While vocalist Night may be legally classified as a child, her lyrical talent shows zer o signs of youth and in fact, speaks to her true capacity as a punk artist. Part of me wants to outline each “screw you” vibe I continue to receive from the rest of the album, but I truly feel like I would be over-emphasizing something that speaks loud and clear: these punks can finesse a record.


Recommended tracks:
A Human Living Girl
Picture Perfect

Best Coast
The 1975

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