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Alex Beck unveils new single “Born to Lie” and gives listeners an inside look at its creation



Newcomer, Alex Beck, is already breaking barriers with her music. She creates a breathy pop sound that leaves the listener wanting more. Her airy vocals show her talent for music that is seemingly impossible to pass up. On Friday, June 25, 2021, she released her newest single “Born to Lie”.

Beck allows us into her world by providing a personal description of the creation and inspiration behind her song.

“Born to Lie” is an alternative pop single that is a dramatic take on the city of Los Angeles. I remember the day I got the idea to write this song I was on my couch and I had the first line of the chorus written down in my note’s app on my phone, “everyone in this city was born to lie,” once I wrote it down the melody came quickly right after. I remember getting the melody down and then running to my piano in the other room to continue writing the song. The song basically wrote itself that day. I was born and raised in Los Angeles so I have been around the world of Hollywood my entire life. I decided to write a song in a moment of frustration about the toxicity of a city I get to call my hometown, which can be applied to any place.”

Listen to “Born to Lie” here.

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