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Ali In The Jungle drop new music video for “I Don’t Even Know You”



The eccentrically innovative indie band hailing all the way from the UK Ali In The Jungle dropped the official music video for their song, “I Don’t Even Know You.” The track is included on their EP Anyway, which came out in January of this year. 

The group dabbles in differing genres, whether it be some rock, post-punk or even little inklings of jazz. The rawness of their production intermingled with the giddiness of their sound is enough to get anyone drawn to their music, which possesses a sort of bouncy and convivial boy-next-door-esque quality to it. Their vibe feels home-y, in the most captivating and endearing way possible. 

“‘I Don’t Even Know You’ is the first video we shot, and it reflects how we felt at the time we made the Anyway EP. We’d spent 4 years away at different universities across the UK, gigging and writing together when we could, but not as much as we’d have liked. After all that time we were finally back in a place where we could do what we love together. Recording and writing for the Anyway EP – finishing off some of the songs after 4 years – was our chance to rally around something together once again.”

The band adds: “Consequently, the video is very personal to us, and was filmed in Tim’s house where we write a lot of our music. We wanted our presence to feel ghost-like, with band members re-appearing between shots or in long takes, as Tim rediscovers this space we associate with our history together. The first half of the video is shot as though in rough, old 8mm film, to give the essence of this being a memory, a ghost place. Some moments may feel uncomfortably close, but that’s how it can be when unspoken emotions are shared… Whether it’s isolation, loneliness, depression, heartbreak, or anything else, hopefully the video will give listeners a tangible visual to which they can relate their situation, as the song touches on ambiguity in relationships, and a whole lot more.”

Stream the entirety of the EP Anyway here.

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