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Alt-rock SLANT shed light on mental health with U2 cover



The end of Mental Health Awareness Month brings SLANT’s music video of what it’s like to love an addict for their beautiful cover of one of U2’s classics.

Recorded with Dave Moreno (Puddle of Mudd) and Sameer Battachrya (Flyleaf), the full-length video received support from the group Rock To Recovery (owned by Wes Geer, Founder Hed P.E./Former Korn – to close the video with a PSA to raise awareness to recovery through music. Upcoming EP Qui Vivra Verra features the U2 cover “With Or Without You” alongside SLANT originals like single “Dissonance”, to be released on June 21st, 2019.

“I wanted the video to depict how straining and complicated things can get when pursuing a life in creative arts, in terms of mental health. We all know someone that has dealt with substance abuse or behavioral/mental health related instances. On a personal and national level, we have seen those in the arts or creative fields fall into the cycle of substance abuse or other addictions while pursuing their productive paths. Our hope is to bring mental health to the forefront of conversations so that those affected know there are great outlets for help.” – Fahim Zaman (vocals/lead guitar)

SLANT’s remake of U2’s “Without or Without You” respectfully pays homage to the original classic without sacrificing SLANT’s original sound and artistic individuality brought by four diverse members.

Just like its definition, SLANT is nothing ordinary. All members come from various cultural backgrounds and life experiences that influence their unique form of rock, coming together in Los Angeles. With Fahim Zaman on vocals and lead guitar, Munir Haque on rhythm guitar, Josh Chastain on bass, and Jimmy Lee on drums, SLANT has been bringing forth pure, positive music since their current lineup finalized in 2013.


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