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Alt-rockers Sad Park talk new single “I Should,” out today



Featured Image by Katherine Cermeno

Los Angeles alt-rock outfit Sad Park are back with new music to keep you energized and entertained in quarantine.

Comprised of vocalist/guitarist Graham Steele, bassist/backing vocalist Sam Morton, guitarist Kyle Marik, and drummer Grant Bubar, Sad Park got their start in high school and have been building their catalog and fanbase ever since. In 2016, the band released not one, but two EPs: Sad Park and Good Start, Bad Endings.

Since the release of their debut full-length record SLEEP in 2018, the band has dove headfirst into the world of touring, playing shows all around the West Coast, Arizona and Nevada.

Now Sad Park are back with their first new single in two years, “I Should” and a sophomore album set for release this summer. A self-reflective breakup track, “I Should” documents the turbulent self-examination that follows a breakup when you realize you weren’t 100% perfect after all.

The single is accompanied by a video compilation of fan-filmed footage from Sad Park shows over the years.

Stream the track here.

We caught up with the band to talk about their new single and how they’ve been keeping busy:

1. Before we dive into the music, I wanna check-in: how are you all holding up among the COVID quarantine madness in L.A.? What’s been keeping you busy?

We’ve been doing alright, staying safe! Grant is currently staying close to home at his parent’s house. Graham has been playing a lot of Minecraft at his home, and he’s very proud of his huge house and farm of animals. Even though he doesn’t kill any of the animals, he has a garden so is playing a vegan version of Minecraft. Sam and Kyle are staying at their house, but staying safe and practicing social distancing, and they recently created a home studio. This quarantine really messed with us getting studio time as a band, but we understand that this quarantine is all for the best, and it will help with allowing all this to end.

2. Did any of this craziness cause any discussion surrounding the release of “I Should”?

We were already planning on releasing this single during April, so luckily we didn’t need to have a discussion on rescheduling anything. The only thing that it changed was shooting a music video for the single, but we still plan on getting something done and releasing a video for it as soon as we can.

3. Let’s talk more about “I Should.” What was the inspiration behind it?

“I Should” was the first song that we wrote after our previous album SLEEP. We wrote it about a year ago. It’s very close to something we would have released on SLEEP, so its a really nice transition from SLEEP to this new album. We wrote “I Should” before we had a really good idea of what the sound was going to be for the new album. This song was written when Graham and Grant both had completely separate ideas for a song and decided to combine those ideas together into one idea. The song you hear now is almost unchanged from when they first wrote it.

4. When it comes to writing music, what’s your process? Do you typically start with the lyrics or the melody?

We actually don’t start with lyrics or a melody. We start by trying to write the best song we can instrumentally, and make sure that the song sounds as great and full as possible before we add any lyrics. However, the writing process getting to that point always is a little different. Sometimes we work on a song for weeks, constantly changing parts because we believe it has potential. While some of the songs get written on an acoustic guitar and we finish quickly with almost no changes to the structure. It’s always different from song to song.

5. As demonstrated in the “I Should” video, you guys kill it with the live shows. What’s your favorite part about touring?

We’ll make a real music video once quarantine is over. Our favorite parts of being on tour are just the experience of being with your best friends on the road, and experiencing everything together. No matter what happens, we’re all in it together and have to experience the good times and the bad times.

6. Any details about your upcoming sophomore album that you feel like revealing?

This album will be a very cohesive piece of work. Every song will be connected to each other in some form. Without giving too much away, the album is about growth and change, something that will always happen in your life no matter who you are. The album’s meaning as a whole is up to the listener, you can think of it as simply or as deeply as you would like.

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