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America Jayne releases new hit “Don’t Worry About Selling Out”



American Jayne, a rising New York based artist, addresses a very real fear among creatives: “selling out,” in her new single and music video “Don’t Worry About Selling Out.”

This song is different in the best way possible. It pokes fun at the commonly plaguing fear, basically saying that us indie artists shouldn’t worry about “selling out,” because “you probably won’t sell at all.” Bleak, but the humor is appreciated.

Born in raised in Connecticut, America Jayne is making her way in the music business from The Big Apple. You can find her playing at Rockwood Music Hall, Pianos, The Bitter End, The Well, and 11th Street Bar, and I encourage you to do so because this artist is truly one of a kind.

Check Out “Don’t Worry About Selling Out” ASAP!

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