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anaiis collabs with Topaz Jones to produce “chuu”



The duodescribed by Jones as a pair of “kindred spiritshas released their new single “chuu,” now available on all platforms. 

Listen here: 

The French-Senegalese artist reveals that “chuu” was a “catharsis” that “allowed [her] to fantasize about a future where the situation [she] had been in would no longer be consuming [her].” 

Anaiis and Jones reflect the struggles that coincide with their position as racial minorities within the music industry. Because of the level of understanding that comes with shared experiences and identity, the two are able to connect about former obstacles and past hurts while striving to craft a future where they feel seen, heard, and empowered by both each other and a larger national audience. “chuu” is a perfect representation of this journey, as it highlights the beauty in discovering strength amidst a world of pain. 

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