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Andrew Bird announces new album ‘My Finest Work Yet,’ shares new song “Sisyphus”



Towards the end of last year, Andrew Bird slyly returned to our ears with a new single titled “Bloodless.” At the time it seemed to simply be a politically-charged one-off single. Bird never said whether or not it was from a new album or even if there was a new album being actively worked on. But today we finally have our answer with the announcement of Andrew Bird’s new album My Finest Work Yet.

My Finest Work Yet is due out March 22 via Loma Vista. It’ll be the first full-length album from Andrew Bird since 2016’s greatly underrated Are You Serious. The new album will also feature last year’s “Bloodless” as well as 9 other new songs. One of those 9 is the album opener and lead single “Sisyphus” which is now available for your listening pleasure.

The video for “Sisyphus” opens with some on-screen text praising My Finest Work Yet, with all quotes attributed to Andrew Bird himself. But setting aside the tongue-and-cheek nature of the album title, video, and even cover art, Bird shared this statement about the album’s themes:

“I’m interested in the idea that our enemies are what make us whole—there’s an intimacy one shares with their opponent when locked in such a struggle. If we were to just walk away would our enemies miss us? How did we get to this point and how can we, through awareness of it, maybe pull ourselves out of this death spiral.”

Check out “Sisyphus” right below here. Just below that take a look at the classical art-inspired cover for My Finest Work Yet as well as the full tracklist.

01 Sisyphus
02 Bloodless
03 Olympians
04 Cracking Codes
05 Fallorun
06 Archipelago
07 Proxy War
08 Manifest
09 Don the Struggle
10 Bellevue Bridge Club

Pre-order My Finest Work Yet right here.


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