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Andy Shauf releases B-sides from indie folk album, ‘The Neon Skyline’



Andy Shauf has mastered the concept album. The Canadian singer-songwriter has always had an aptitude for vivid imagery in his writing, but his 2016 release The Party saw Shauf take his storytelling to new heights. The concept album was essentially a case study on human behavior, examining feelings such as discomfort, embarrassment, and freedom associated with house parties. His cast of recurring characters returned for Shauf’s fifth studio album, The Neon Skyline, released earlier this year. This week Shauf shared more on the romantic history of his unnamed protagonist with the release of two B-side tracks, “Judy” and “Jeremy’s Wedding”.

The former features Shauf’s delicate, longing vocals over a romantic instrumental melody. The narrator reminisces on the shared pastime between he and his ex-girlfriend of buying lottery tickets. “‘Maybe next time,'” he hopes, commenting on their misfortune in gambling and in love. Following an emotional break-up, the two reunite at a friend’s wedding and laugh over an awkward dance together. Shauf continues to do what he does best—capture the hearts of listeners with a storyline fit for a Netflix romantic drama.

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