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Angel Olsen gets grandiose on brilliant new single “Lark”



It’s been about a month since we last heard from Angel Olsen, but finally she’s stepping back into the light (again) with another great single. At the tail-end of July, the singer/songwriter/musician/genius announced her newest album All Mirrors, and shared the title track. Naturally, it was a beautifully rendered song, delivered with all the cool and sincere personality we’ve come to adore. It also works perfectly as the teaser for the album, as All Mirrors is set to be a maximalist, sprawling, orchestral work of art. It was just enough to get our anticipation skyrocketing up. And now Angel Olsen has somehow knocked that hype up even further with the album’s second single “Lark.”

”Lark” initially sounds not so dissimilar from many of the great songs that populated her last studio album My Woman. But as it builds, the song becomes clearly its own thing. Multiple layers of strings and guitar and drums crest into one of the most breathtaking songs Angel Olsen has ever made. “All Mirrors” is a phenomenal lead single, but “Lark” really shows off what Olsen is getting into on the new album.

Speaking about the song’s meaning, Olsen shared this statement:

“‘Lark’ is a song that took many years to finish. The disjointed feelings and verses of this song began to make sense as a way for me to exercise a kind of journey through grieving, a kind of personal struggle. The message of the song developed at first from an argument I once had with someone about trust and support. Later, I pulled from recurring themes in my life as a musician and as a human that dreams for a living. It’s easy to promise the world to those we love, but what about when our dreams change and values split?”

Just like with the last single, “Lark “ comes along with a gorgeous music video to sink your eyes into. It was directed by Ashley Connor, who utilizes the grand scope and general movement of the song to place Angel Olsen amidst all kinds of beautiful scenery. Check it out down below.

All Mirrors is out October 4 via Jagjaguwar. Pre-order it now.


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