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Art pop group Stereolab re-releases “The Super-It”



Stereolab re-released the song “The Super It” off of their 1999 7” The Underground is Coming this past week. Originally a tour single, the song was mostly lost to time. Tim Gane explains, “In our earlier days it would have ended up as a single itself but this was now the LP period of the Groop and so we ended up releasing it as part of a tour single EP. Immaculately recorded by Fulton Dingley, it sounds wonderful and certainly one of the best from the period. Maybe we should have waited a bit and put it on Margerine Eclipse…”

This is the third single off of their forthcoming compilation, Electronically Possessed, due out February 26th. Electronically Possessed covers the years 1999-2008 and is the fourth volume of the group’s ‘Switched On’ compilation series. Like the other three volumes coming in 1992, 1995 and 1998, the fourth volume includes new artwork, rarities, and unreleased music. 

These compilations follow Stereolab’s recent campaign to share more of their earlier work. Starting back in 2019, the group set out to reissue a number of their albums including Transient Random Noise-Bursts With Announcements, Mars Audiac Quintet, Dots and Loops, and others. These reissues included remastered audio, demos, and expanded editions. 

Check out “The Super-It”:

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