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“As I Grow”: Taxi reveals vulnerability, anxiety, and symbolic synths



Featured image by Mikayla Lobasso

Some musicians can take years to find their groove, let alone reshape their sound. And yet, through only their second single, Taxi unmasks a musical arc showing they’re a little bit of everything.

Taxi, lead by genre-bending L.A. artist Nick Nikoian, just released their second single “As I Grow” produced by Taylor Fugit. Drastically different from their funky upbeat debut single “Dancing on the Roof”, this song tells a more vulnerable story. “I think this is the first time people will hear me. It’s a little scary but it feels true to myself,” says Nikoian.

Their single gives a sonically introspective look into themes of mental health, depression, and ultimately, growth, especially inside the world of dreams. Taxi writes a song that permits individuals to envision their lives past what seems like a nightmare. They clarify, “It’s not just about the sadness, it’s about going through a tough time… evident in the structure of the song as well. And most importantly asking: how are we going to grow out of these things?”

Haunts me like a ghost each day, found that writing took the pain away:

taxi as i grow

Nikoian overlooks his hometown: Burbank. Image by Mikayla Lobasso

Nikoian expresses emotion through the song’s color profile in a beautiful way. The first verse sits sequestered with only piano chords and vocals introducing that isolated anxiety. The second verse brings more nuanced harmonies and improvised sounds from instruments like the violin, performed by Yas. The vocals are also deliberately distorted, panning left to right to mimic the state of nightmares. This and more elements stack on symbolizing how one’s demons and obstacles can keep growing. 

Alternately, the song balances the adjacency between “daydream” and “nightmare” with piano ad-libs that feel like you’re walking on water. At the very end, we get to hear an outro guitar jam, played by George Tyler Heffley. The ascending strumming pattern pushes you deeper into that blurring headspace until the last two stripped chords wake you up from the dream.

So much thought went into this song. If you want to see where Taxi will drive to next, you can follow them below. 

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Irene got her B.A. in English and Music Industry from UCLA. She has an affinity towards film music, her piano, and embracing her Armenian identity. Instagram | @theonewhereireneisfine

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