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Asheville-based band, The Honeycutters, to play Holiday Hang



We got a chance to talk with The Honeycutters’ Amanda Platt. She does songwriting and plays rhythm guitar as well as does lead vocals.

Other members of the band include: Tal Taylor (mandolin) • Matt Smith (pedal steel, dobro, electric guitar) • Rick Cooper (upright and electric bass) • Josh Milligan (drums/harmony vocal)

What got you started in music?

I never really studied music. My dad played guitar and harmonica while my brother did go to school for jazz. He played bass among other things. A lot of music in the house.

My mom is a big music lover. My parents met and married in Austin, TX and were influenced by the scene down there. I heard a lot of Texas country-type music.

How has the journey as a band been?

I’ve been making music as The Honeycutters since 2007.

It’s when I moved to Asheville and started playing with the band. It has been unfolding slowly and at times I’ve been frustrated or confused with what I’m doing with life but this has always seemed to be the obvious choice. Anytime I’m like this is hard and think I have no money or my ego is broken and I consider my alternatives and this emerges as the preference and it’s what I’m good at.

It’s amazing. I’m really grateful for this.

What are some of your influences then and now with music always changing?

Now I’m a lot more pickier. There is so much music now it tends to take more to get me passionate about something. I was much more of a sponge when I was younger.

Rebelled against it a little as a teen, but listen to punk and now circled back around these days to more americana.

But a good song is a good song. Any genre can can speak to me.

Let’s talk about the Holiday Hang?

We are really excited to be doing shows with our good friends Town Mountain.

Never done much with them in town. I think its going to be really cool and be a great way to get some money together for the Mana Food Bank. Really it was Jesse From Town Mountain  who kinda pulled us in and we are excited to be apart.

The Charlotte show is Dec. 14th at The Rabbit Hole while the Asheville show is Dec. 16. Tickets for both events can be purchased via Town Mountain or The Honeycutters websites.

How about the new album you put out “On The Ropes.” How has the response been to that?

It is our fourth studio album. Second on Organic Records.

It’s been a big year for us and we have been stepping up our radio presence and we now have distribution in the UK so thats been cool.

The lineup has been the same for four years and it allows our production to be collaborative and work together. More rock and roll influences, but not going for any particular style.

How is the music scene in Asheville compared to Charlotte and other towns around the state?

We play Charlotte maybe 2 or 3 times a year. There does seem to be a music scene in Charlotte, but it seems there is very little attention payed to some places there but we do get a good vibe from the city.

Asheville is crazy. It has a great musical reputation and when I moved here it was smaller and you knew everyone in the music scene. Now it’s moving fast and hard to keep track of music and venues.

It’s all about culture. Young people are coming here because they know there is a lot of art and music here. So much music can be undervalued too if there is too much.

Love playing places like The Evening Muse and are sad to hear about places like The Double Door and Amos’. You need those places to help grow a scene and give musicians a place to play.

Plans for 2017?

In January just studio time. We have an album coming out next summer.

Continue to expand and tour.Try and get back out to the west coast and more in the UK and obviously continue to still go around the south east.


For more information about The Honeycutters & further tour dates, visit: For news from the road, visit and

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