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Asheville’s Town Mountain Spoke to Us Before Their Stop in Charlotte



Make sure to catch Town Mountain in Charlotte at The Visualite on July 25 or in Asheville on July 27 at The Orange Peel.

1. So how did the band come to fruition as to what it is today? How many other bands did you guys play in before becoming Town Mountain?
The band formed from us becoming friends within the Asheville music community. It’s a rich scene here with everyone encouraging the next to pursue their sound. We were all in separate projects in Asheville prior to Town Mountain.

2. Who writes what? Lyrics/Music Arrangements/Etc.
Some write more than others but we all contribute original material to the band. By and large, the arranging is a group process where we explore several ideas within rehearsals.

3. What got you into music growing up? More specifically Bluegrass and the style of music you guys play?
The sound of the banjo got me into bluegrass and it was Jerry Garcia who first smacked me in the face with it. Then it was the first generation bluegrass guys who really got me going… Bill Monroe, Flatt and Scruggs, The Stanley Brothers.

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4. Talk to me a little about New Freedom Blues and how that came to life. How were the songs chosen for this album? 
It was just another Town Mountain album until we started really looking at the material and realized how much of it had a “crossover” sound. That’s when we decided to use Miles Miller on a whole drum kit on all but one song. Much of the album has a Country/Americana sound. The songs are always chosen within rehearsals and they have to be good!

5. Is it difficult to decide what songs you might leave off the album? 
You know, I think we used all the songs we recorded on this project! We clearly thought we had a good group. In the past we have cut material, sometimes those songs just don’t “fit” with the rest.

6. How would you compare the music scene in Asheville to its surrounding areas like playing in Charlotte or Raleigh? Do the same types of crowds come out?
There are definitely a lot of bands that play both cities so to me it seems that they’re similar. I can’t really answer this because I’m not so familiar with the Charlotte and Raleigh scene, but I would venture to say that the bluegrass/old time scene in Asheville has been long established so maybe it’s better known for that.

7. Favorite song on the album and why? 
“One Drop In The Bottle”. To me, it has this Workingman’s Dead (Grateful Dead album) vibe. I like the groove and the addition of the pedal steel.

8. Plans for the back half of 2019 other than this tour?
The rest of 2019 is huge for us. Playing some new festivals we’ve always wanted to play and returning to some of our favorites. Also playing Red Rocks with Tyler Childers and Robert Earl Keen, this will be fun!!

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